Judicial Services

   The Judicial Services Division provides law enforcement and security for The Jackson County Court House. It is our responsibility to provide a stable, relatively predictable environment in which an individual or group may pursue its ends without disruption or harm and without fear of such disturbance or harm. A Deputy Sheriff is required to attend all criminal and civil sessions of County and Circuit Court to carry out this responsibility. Outside of court hearings, Deputies are also responsible for maintaining order in each judicial office and all other areas of the building. There is a Deputy assigned to each Judge. There is also a Deputy assigned to each Jury when trials are in session or a Jury has been sequestered. Our duties are taken very seriously due to the fact that all sessions of Court involve a person's family, property, liberty and sometimes even their life and due to this fact, emotions sometimes run high. Deputy Sheriff's assigned to the Court House are also called upon to assist the patrol Division when needed.

   No weapons are allowed in the Court House except for ones carried by Law Enforcement that are in the building on oficial law enforcement business. This is enforced by screening visitors through a metal detector and their belongings through an x-ray machine before they are allowed to enter the building. This is done to ensure the safety of the public and the judicial staff.

   These deputies also take persons into custody by order of the court, and process them into the Jackson County Corrections Facility. Court House deputies assist the court clerks with the movement of trial evidence to maintain the chain of custody and creditability. Court House deputies are responsible for the care, custody and control of all inmates transported for court.

   Court House Deputies also respond to law enforcement calls for service within the Court House. These disturbances usually arise from family court, child support, divorces, and injunction cases. Deputies accompany the Presiding Judge to hearings held outside of the judicial center at other courthouses, and hospitals, if necessary.

Lt. Jami Burch