Patrol Division

The patrol Division is the largest and most visible function of the Jackson County Sheriff's Office. It is the first line of service to the citizens of Jackson County. The Patrol Division is staffed by 25 patrol deputies. Patrol is supervised by a Patrol Captain, three lieutenants, three sergeants, three corporals. These deputies are augmented by the Reserve Program. Together these officers provide patrol and emergency law enforcement services to Jackson County 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

The Patrol Division patrols and responds to all calls for service within the 996 square miles of Jackson County as well as providing law enforcement services to Chipola College, Compass Lake and the Cities of Alford and Campbellton under contract. Contracting for law enforcement allows a city or agency to maintain local control and identity while saving significant money, providing their citizens with a larger and more experienced law enforcement agency, with greater resources tham small cities could normally afford.
Patrol duties include responding to various criminal and civil complaints, crime prevention, enforcement of traffic laws, and public service assisstance. The Patrol Division also delivers civil papers and enforces civil process throughout the county.
Our deputies responded to over 20,000 calls for service in 2006.
The protection of our county and its citizens is our top priority. We strive to do this in a respectful manner. Each deputy is empowered, and has the ability, to respond to the problems of our citizens. The deputies are familiar with the areas they patrol so they can respond quickly and notice when things don't look right.
COME JOIN US ! If you are interested in a law enforcement career, go to our employment page. If you are interested in volunteering go to the reserve program or the link on our main page. We would like to see you get involved and help make a difference in Jackson County